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Authentic Dialogue

The focus of our work with clients is on implementing an effective process which helps senior leaders accurately identify limiting beliefs and assumptions which are the underpinnings of improving self-awareness and fostering authentic dialogue.


We start by addressing the dynamics regarding behavioral trait competency imbalances which leaders typically are unaware of.


This self-reflective coaching and development process is an authentic inquiry which fundamentally explores how to live and operate effectively in the paradoxes of leadership such as having great confidence while still exhibiting profound humility; having self-motivation while managing stress; embracing optimism with regards to opportunities while maintaining a healthy analysis of the pitfalls one may incur. 

The concept of authentic dialogue is designed to help the individual or group distinguish cognitive and affective (emotionally based) constructs, beliefs, and assumptions currently driving their day to day communication.

These unidentified beliefs and assumptions can severely thwart the generation of authentic inquiry with leadership, peers and direct reports subsequently blocking the opportunity for increased innovation, collective intelligence and productive leadership. How do we help identify these imbalanced paradoxes?

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