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Authentic Leadership Development Institute 

The Youth Experiential Authentic Leadership Development Institute (YEALDI) is a breakthrough coaching program created for elementary school through college age university students and young adults to participate in throughout the year, where they can learn vital REAL WORLD APPLICATION and experience of leadership by creating and designing breakthrough projects based on areas of passionate interest in their lives.

Dr. Pauline Serice, PhD Psychology- Specialization in Experiential Authentic Leadership Development® for the past 20 years has worked with executive leadership as a valued partner consultant in the most prestigious organizations around the world including: MD Anderson Cancer Center, The United Way, NRG Energy and ITW. Because of the massive need for Authentic Leadership Development in our society, Dr. Serice has chosen to expand her expertise to the development of our Youth with the creation of YEALDI. The YEALDI curriculum is designed based upon Dr. Serice's cutting edge research and 20+ year application of her Proprietary Experiential Breakthrough ALD Coaching System currently used by leadership executives in the corporations she has worked with around the world.

The Youth Experiential Authentic Leadership Development Institute combines Dr. Pauline Serice's proprietary EALD philosophies and coaching processes for elementary school through college age students as well as young adults. The YEALDI student creates a breakthrough project in an area of their own choosing. By bringing together what these students are truly PASSIONATE about and infusing that with Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®, they not only thrive doing what they love, but take it beyond their middle childhood, teen and early twenty years to designing futures as entrepreneurs, community leaders, and most importantly, authentic human beings.  They will learn how to be exceptional in what they love to do, beyond what they currently can conceive and go out into the world making an immense impact.  

Students on a Break

“...I can’t thank Dr. Serice enough for being the role model and teacher who inspired me and taught me...”

—  Luke Lindford


Group and One-on-One Personal Coaching with Dr. Serice 

12 Months for $10,000

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