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Being vs. Doing

There is a big difference between knowing "that" and knowing "of".


Thousands of leaders and managers have gone through hundreds of thousands of hours of "training and development" in the subject areas of leadership and management.

Many profess to recognizing "that" which a leader should be doing, but few seem to possess the existence of "being that" which they profess to "know".


Truths can be imparted in training and development sessions but that does not necessarily mean they are inculcated nor used.

A beautifully prepared feast of food is of no benefit to a starving man gazing upon it unless the man chooses to eat the food subsequently metabolizing its ingredients for energy utilized by the body. 

It makes sense to ask at what point does one move in the direction of metabolizing leadership concepts, i.e., "being" a leader, in contrast to simply asking are you "doing" a skill related to a leadership taxonomy. 

If we are willing to be authentic about the reality of the dismal lack of true leadership today in our society and in our organizations, those with any conscience or modicum of responsibility for the next generation of business leaders must be compelled to do something about it. 

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