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Culture Change

An organization's culture is a mirror of its leadership.

Organizations typically have "cultures" which on a very fundamental level can globally be described as "the way things are done around here". 

While organizational development is a very sophisticated and multifaceted systems oriented process, in our experience, the transformation of an organization's culture is in direct relationship to the transformation of its leadership. 

To create sustainable change which enhances employee commitment, productivity, and profitability, in contrast to simply repackaging what is already being done and getting the same or worse results, the key leadership of an organization must first commit to making a transformational change both individually and collectively.

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Once this commitment is made, the leadership development process can then commence in conjunction with the assessment of the collective organizational system such as strategic initiatives (vision and values clarity), HR systems, values communication and absorption, behavioral alignment and performance management practices, and evaluation and review of processes. See some of the companies we have instituted this type of change inside of ...
Culture Change
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