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The "Good Enough" Paradox

A paradox, as we have noted here, is a pair of seemingly contradictory yet may in fact be complementary concepts.

Typically in organizations, everyone knows that there are communication problems, however insidiously covert, thwarting maximum performance and productivity yet no one seems to know what, if anything, can truly be done about it.

This "good enough" communication paradox provides the comfortableness of not having to do anything about the fundamental problems in communication during "calm" organizational performance moments but is inevitably accompanied by a familiar swell of massive frustration when communication abilities are challenged by inevitable controversial issues. 

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The unavoidable reality in today's economic environment is that people and organizations have to continuously improve at a faster pace than ever before to simply survive.

Because of this fact, being "good enough" in communication, collaboration, and innovation is no longer consistent with "acceptable enough" profitable growth, not to mention employee job satisfaction.

The exciting news is, if this resigned to, unproductive communication paradox does exist in your organization, then there should also be latent, unlimited and untapped resources for improving performance and profitability just waiting to be capitalized upon!

Mastering authentic communication skills is a huge strategic advantage for individuals and companies willing to learn the art and science of tapping into them!

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