Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®  Consultant Certification Candidate Program

Dr. Pauline Serice & Associates/Experiential Authentic Leadership Development® - Consultant Certification Candidate Program is a one of a kind 7-10 year consultant development program created for uniquely committed individuals who have the vision and desire to be PSA/EALD licensed consultants in their own businesses. These rare individuals are enrolled in a 7-10 year candidate certification process executing "real time" breakthrough projects in their own lives through which they learn how to transform themselves as authentic leaders and thereby have the credibility and expertise to truly develop others in authentic leadership. The culmination of this certification process is the ability also to manage their own consulting practice licensing the proven proprietary technology of Experiential Authentic Leadership Development - Growth through Adversity Process (EALD-GAP®) designed by Dr. Pauline Serice over the past 25 years. 


Ben Klingbeil
Director of Finance

Strategy Management, Finance and Operations have been the focus of Ben Klingbeil's stellar 20 year professional career. Having held executive positions at Access Mediquip, Target Corporation, Hisco, Compass Group, and Conn’s HomePlus, Ben has dedicated his talents to delivering exceptional performance beyond business as usual expectations. He has a BS in Finance from the University of Minnesota –Mankato and received his certification in the Balanced Scorecard.

Becoming a PSA/EALD Certified Consultant allows Ben to provide the necessary vision and implementation of experiential authentic leadership in his current executive accountabilities and in his own business where Ben, along with this wife, founded a sports construction company, Quality Courts and Surfaces, based on Experiential Authentic Leadership Development – Growth Through Adversity Process technology, with the mission of being the innovator and leader in the construction industry transforming the lives of their employees and the clients they serve. Ben's purpose in life is to live Experiential Authentic Leadership Development and inspire others to do the same and his "impossible promise” is to alter the course of our society through Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®. He lives in Houston, TX with his wife Tatum and their two girls.

Tatum Klingbeil
Business Owner

Throughout her 20-year career, Tatum Klingbeil has held significant positions of accountability in the fields of medical device management, fitness, academia and hospitality.  This has culminated in founding a sports construction company with her husband; bridging her life’s experiences and passions.  Quality Courts and Surfaces, LLC., serves a practical need within the community as well as a functional learning laboratory for the development of leaders by employing Experiential Authentic Leadership Development ® as it’s operating system creating a culture of accountability, integrity and commitment to a higher purpose.  Prior to her professional career, Tatum completed her BA in Health/Fitness and Business (Gustavus Adolphus College) and her MS in Sports Administration (University of Wisconsin-LaCrosse).

Achieving a PSA/EALD Consultant Certification will allow Tatum to bring personal fulfillment and unapparelled results to her life, teaching her employees and clients to do the same.  Tatum’s purpose in life is to be a catalyst for breakthroughs in authentic champions and her “impossible promise” is to transform the health of children and families in our society through Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®.  She lives in Houston, TX with her husband Ben and their two daughters (all committed to EALD living).

Laurence Wright
Project Manager

Laurence Wright is currently a Sr. Project and Portfolio Manager at Global Custom Commerce, a Home Depot company. As a BSc honor graduate in Electronic Engineering, Laurence spent the first 10 years of his career working across the globe in Seismic Exploration with GSI, Halliburton, Baker Hughes, Western Geophysical, and Schlumberger. For the next 14 years Laurence diversified into Information Technology and Project Management in the Deregulated Energy industry with Reliant/NRG Energy, and North American Power.

Becoming a PSA/EALD® Certified Consultant will allow Laurence to fulfill on both his life’s purpose to be a stand for living experiential authentic leadership, and his impossible promise to cause breakthroughs in the capacity of authentic leadership in our businesses and organizations.

Constantine Vigderman
Business Analyst

Salesforce.com is the focus of Constantine Vigderman's ten-year career. Starting his Salesforce journey as a user, he quickly became an administrator, transitioned to consulting work and developed several implementations of his own. Companies such as Hisco Inc., mGive, The Art of Charm, Stik.com, GetSales, and Kabongo have utilized Constantine’s Salesforce expertise. Currently a Senior Consultant at Quinnox, Inc., he serves as the onsite functional lead, business analyst, and account manager for Quinnox’s client, Waste Management. He has a B.A. in PPE (politics, philosophy and economics) and Russian Literature from Pomona College in Claremont, California and presently resides in Houston, Texas.

Pursuing the PSA/EALD Consultant Certification empowers Constantine to fulfill on his purpose and impossible promise, and to inspire the companies and people who surround him to perform at their highest level. His purpose is to inspire hope in what is possible, right now, by living Experiential Authentic Leadership Development® and his “impossible promise” is to create the norm of authentic dialogue in society.

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