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Who am I?


High level self-reflective abilities, which can help improve competency trait imbalances by increasing self-awareness, have been consistently identified with greater success in leaders.

Over the past decade, increasing interest has arisen with regard to development initiatives for executive and senior level leaders. 

Although there appears to be a desire for senior leadership development, people seldom seem to know exactly what or how the development process needs to occur.

The successful implementation of the EALD-GAP® technology is highly dependent on the coachees' humility, coachability, and commitment to making discoveries about themselves and their world. Dr. Serice has conceptualized this ability to engage in this discovery process as Insight Capacity Levels of Development. She has identified 4 key IC levels of Experiential Authentic Leadership Development which can be measured both quantitatively and qualitatively along a continuum of growth or regression. 

No matter what the issues to be dealt with, the essence of the problem, in our experience, inevitably starts as a communication breakdown. 

Improving self-awareness in this area seems to dramatically improve leader effectiveness.

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