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How shall I LIVE my


Experiential Authentic Leadership Development -
Growth through Adversity Process 
The coalescence of science, community, and faith!

Dr. Pauline Serice

Dr. Pauline Serice

Creator of Experiential Authentic Leadership Development - Growth through Adversity Process Technology®

Dr. Pauline Serice, BFA, MS Industrial/Organizational Psychology, PhD Psychology - Specialization in Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®, is president and CEO of the Center for Experiential Authentic Leadership Research and Development, located in Houston, Texas. Over the past 30+ years, Dr. Serice has been responsible for the creation and execution of this successfully unique Experiential Authentic Leadership Development® and culture change management consulting company and research center.

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A highly-sought after leadership development coach and culture change catalyst, Pauline is committed to contributing as a thought leader to these fields of execution, development and dramatic performance improvement exhibited by the completion of her seminal Doctoral research for which she graduated with Distinction. The resultant EALD-GAP®  technology Dr. Serice has designed over the course of her career has proven to be ground breaking.

Dr. Serice's committed purpose in this life is to develop the human potential for being authentic which has been shown to dramatically improve quality of life and performance for those who are serious about implementing change.


EALD-GAP® Technology

Dr. Serice's proprietary EALD-GAP® technology teaches you how to THINK in new and more effective ways breaking down the unconscious defense mechanisms which block the learning necessary to impact explosive performance!


Our Objective

The objective is to create more complex thinkers in this world who can provide true authentic leadership in our society.

"The power of one developing his or her potential for being an experiential authentic leader reverberates to countless others inspired to do the same!"

- Dr. Pauline Serice

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