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VP Medical Economics

Scott Edwards,

VP Medical Economics and Healthcare Analytics, Access Mediquip

"As the proverbial ostrich, with my head in the ground avoiding discussions and realizations inherent in your work, it’s hard for me to express how meaningful and impactful it is to be confronted with my existing short-falls and lack of purpose. My biggest epiphany was around the manifestation of authentic leadership. Until Wednesday, I truly thought and interpreted musings on Authentic Leadership as basically just having the guts to say what was truly on your mind at all times and in all situations. Now my perception is forever altered. 

I feel like I’ve always had a basic understanding that truly great leaders are driven so forcefully by a purpose that it becomes ingrained as a fundamental part of the leader.  What I’ve always taken for granted was how the purpose became such an integrated piece.  In my head, there was always some traumatic or life-changing event that forced the purpose to the surface, but in my self-reflection over the past few days, I’ve come to realize how simple and naïve of an assumption I’ve forced myself to believe.  The work and effort to establish your purpose should be just as difficult and trying (if not harder) as the work that goes into accomplishing your purpose. Like everyone else, I want to sincerely thank you for your help and guidance."

VP Economics

Fortune 500 Food Services Co.

President & CEO of operating company

"Pauline reviewed our merchandising reorganization and spent crucial time visiting with each merchandiser as well as our merchandising management. As we ready ourselves to embark on the implementation of our new computerized merchandising system, Pauline coached each merchandiser in a positive reaffirming manner, rebuffing any attitudes of reluctance regarding change management. She has a unique ability to ask the right question at the right time, making people think while bolstering self-confidence. Her knowledge and ability are adaptable to any environment. I see Pauline as a real asset in assisting my operating company’s journey on the path to greater productivity by embracing change management."

Fortune 500 FS

International Sales Manager

Kate Lumley,


"I am so thankful for you working with me and making me challenge myself and my thinking and behavior the way that you do. I am getting through some uncomfortable stuff successfully….lots of breakthroughs from our last session. I feel very empowered in all of this uncertainty. It makes me feel like I have lots of options. Thank you for coaching me so I can keep disciplined to maintain this posture. I’m realizing the process you have given me will make my curve for more breakthroughs shorter. This next year is going to be off the charts. Rocket fuel injected!"

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