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Experiential Authentic Leadership Development®
A Triangulated Scientific Orientation
Dr. Pauline Serice
The transformational effects of an interpersonal self-reflective coaching process on developing self-awareness in organizational leaders for the forwarding of personal and organizational breakthrough results. Dr. Serice's unique proprietary Experiential Authentic Leadership Development – Growth through Adversity Process® (EALD-GAP) technology of analysis and intervention includes a triangulated approach utilizing three scientific orientations:
This unique triangulated scientific orientation of data gathering, analysis and action research application is designed to discover the currently unknown solutions to transform breakdowns in communication and self-awareness both in the individual leader and in the collective organization or group. Coupled with a laser focused business application based on producing stunning outcomes in performance rather than simply managing to tasks, Dr. Serice’s unconventional methodology of coaching and consulting provides a disciplined and structured results centered approach creating a rarely seen sustainable foundation for developing authentic leaders and authentically engaged followers who together genuinely own and execute breakthrough performance.
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